A Home Away from Home

On our European concert tour through Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Germany from the end of March to the beginning of June 2019, we stayed almost four weeks at the Culminarium. It became our home away from home.
There were all kinds of condiments in the kitchen that we could use. The beds were comfortable and the couch inviting. Everything was very clean and the rooms were tastefully decorated.
Adrian and Sabine were extremely generous and wonderful hosts. They even organized a house concert, including delicious food and drinks, where we could meet and greet the guests. All this to benefit our concert tour. We will surely miss them.
Thank you so much for the many memories.
The Manila Vocal Ensemble

Ein Gedanke zu „A Home Away from Home“

  1. Dear Manila Vocal Ensemble
    It was an absolutely great time with you as our guests. We are happy that you enjoyed the time here between your performances and that you felt like at home. Seeing you singing and dancing live in our living room was a great experience. Thanks a lot! We wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon!

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